Gold can be found in books

The Chinese expression says, "书中自有黄金屋" . It literally translates into "Gold can be found in books".

I totally agree. I've always loved reading since I was young. From fairy tales, thrillers, novels, personal development and business and marketing books.

For me, reading triggers new thoughts and ideas. It opens my world and more doors of opportunities.

From each book I choose to read, I either learn something new or it offers me the opportunity to relearn something I thought I already knew.

At times, when I re-read a book, I glean another perspective I've never thought before!

Every book I read widens my horizons and my world becomes bigger!

What you need to consistently produce creative outputs.

When I was still studying, one of the holiday assignments was always to read a book and then write a book review about it. I love writing book reviews because it not only helps me to condense my thoughts.

It also allows me to fully express my interpretation of the contents after consuming it.

However, over the years, other priorities popped up along the way and I spent less and less time with books. Recently, I've recommitted myself to read.

To put aside time everyday to read. It could be for 5 minutes even up to 30 minutes or more. The idea is to consistently feed my mind with "inputs".

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Invest in yourself

Whether you are a creative person, or writer or running your own business, you'd understand we spend alot of time doing or planning and we expend our ideas pool more than adding in new ideas.

When we have more outputs than inputs, we might hit a patch of "ideas drought". Hence it's especially important to read to avoid the pool from drying out.

Carving time aside to invest in ourselves might not pay off immediately.

The ideas and information might not connect immediately but it all adds up.

Knowledge is built up over time and reading is one of the best ways to become more knowledgeable and extend beyond our network.

If you want to compound your own value over time, always block out time for reading.

How my book reviews will help you

Reading has been a very enriching and enlightening experience for me. And I want to share it with you.

In my book reviews, I'll highlight the strengths and weakness of the books and inform you who is the book most suitable for.

All opinions are based on my own interpretation.

I'll do my best to categorize the type of books under skill areas that you would likely want to develop.

It'll make it easier for you to make your next book selection so you can fully maximize your precious time to develop yourself either professionally or personally!

If you've any thoughts or questions after reading it, feel free to add on to the conversation and let's make this a useful resource for other growth enthusiasts who constantly seek improvement and progress.

Watch this space!

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