Is age holding you back from achieving your dreams?

“I don’t like my job but it’s too late to change anything now.”

That’s what I keep hearing.

Too old, too late

To some, too old is equivalent to too late. They used to dream but once they “grew up”, those dreams vanished. Dreams to them became wishful thinking.

I know some people who hit a point in their life where they seem to have given up. They don’t like what they do but because of their age, they plan to hang onto their job till they retire.

To be able to do what they want is a dream beyond reach. Wishful thinking. Especially if they didn’t begin from day one in their career journey.

There are others I know of, who has embarked on the “traditional safe route” and are fearful of the “unknown” and “risks”. Typically they believe there is only one try in their life and they have to get it “right”.

Else there will be no more opportunities because it’s too late.

Or is it?

Nothing is too late

Unless you are permanently horizontal and not moving.

C.S Lewis once said, You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

He’s right.

Life is the passing of time and we have the option to choose how we want to spend our time.

The perception of old can be broken down into biological and psychological elements.

Let’s look at how some folks around defy biological odds.

The oldest marathon runner is 101 years old.

The oldest woman to cross the English Channel was 66 while the oldest man to cross was 73.

Jennifer Figge became the first woman to cross the Atlantic at 56.

Going against conventional beliefs

Paul Tasner is the co-founder and CEO of PulpWorks, Inc., designers and manufacturers of biodegradable packaging for consumer goods.

He was fired at 64. Yet he didn’t retire. Against convention, he became an entrepreneur at the age of 66.

I’m inspired by his story. It reminds me, age is NOT a barrier to achieving what we want in life.

At the “age of retirement”, where others would have just given up and stayed at home, Paul initiated a new beginning. His story is living proof that it’s never too late to pursue something new.

 “Age is only a state of mind. You are as young as you think.”

You are not old unless you believe you are

I have a friend whom I greatly admire. His dream is to work for himself.

He pivoted from two decades of journalism to a data science guy when he was about 40.

Today, he is nearing 50 & he’s passionately working on a side hustle after work hours — to ultimately become his own boss.

There is no “official” age to dictate when you start doing something or ought to do something.

The decision lies completely in our hands.

After all, age is just a number to indicate the amount of time we live on planet earth.

What we need is the growth mindset, the adaptability to evolve with today's society, the willingness to be open to changes.

To be a lifelong learner. And not adhere to someone else's rules just because everyone around you is doing it.

Break conventional beliefs and rules.

Know yourself better, be familiar with your strengths and weaknesses. Be brave.

Craft the journy that will be most beneficial and satisfying for you.

Re-set your personal rules and live the life YOU want.

Are you living your dream or working on your dream now?

I’d love to hear from you.

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