Tools For Your Business

These are some of my favourite tools that I recommend. It's easy to use and allows you to automate your business and return you more time for your business.

E-Books, Checklists and Guides


For those of you who are not natural designers and want to dip your hand into creating your own social media posts, here are a couple of easy-to-use "assisted" design app options you can tap into.

Canva - easy to use design tool to create your visuals for your marketing activities. It offers templates and also helps those who are non-designers to create visually appealing content for your social media and blog posts. Template sizes for social media posts are also pre-defined and customized banner sizes are also available.

Screen recording

A screen recording tool works wonders if you want to demonstrate something to your clients or record a screen activity for your video.

Cloudapp - easy to use screen recording tool. You can create gifs, screen videos and screen captures to download or share them as links on the cloud. It also allows you to edit and add in annotations. 

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Having social media scheduling tools works wonders for your productivity. Instead of creating and uploading images on the go and interrupting your work flow, block out time slots where you can create the posts and captions in bulk. And then you schedule them in advance. So even if you are busy with your clients, the posts will still be published on a regular rhythm.

Grum - is a Instagram scheduling tool. When your scheduled post is due to be published, you won't need to acton any push notifications or alerts. Simply schedule your content and Grum will handle the rest. As opposed to just being a mobile app, Grum is made so that you can easily upload photos directly from your computer—whether you have a PC or a Mac.

Hootsuite - is a social media scheduling tool where you can create your posts in bulk and schedule them in advance. If you want to get a feel of it, there is a free plan option available where you can link to maximum of 3 social media accounts. It allows you to schedule up to 30 posts per social media account for free.

Buffer - is another easy to use social media scheduling tool. If you start with a free plan, you can link to maximum of 3 social media accounts. The drawback is you can only schedule up to 10 posts for each social media account.

Image compression tools

Website loading speed matters alot to your users. And one of the biggest problem comes from images. A high quality image means it's a bigger file that takes a longer time to load. If you want to prevent images from slowing down your website, optimize them to make sure they load quickly while remaining sharp.

WP Smush - it's a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize images without losing quality. It is very easy to use, and you can optimize your images on the fly as you upload them to your WordPress site.

JPEGmini - you can use it on a PC or Mac and deduce image size by up to 80%, without compromising quality.

ImageOptim - This is one of the best (free!) tools in the market. Even photographers speak highly of this tool. By applying advanced compression techniques that preserves quality, you can easily reduce image file sizes  in bulk  so they take up minimal disk space.

Image Libraries

A good picture tells a thousand words. Great use of images help to break up the clunkiness of the text and boosts readability. Here are a couple of image libraries you can begin your image search from.

Unsplash - is a great royalty free library resource. For those looking for high quality women/ men pictures, nature and business, this is your first port of call.

Pexels - is another royalty free image resource. It's another alternative to Unsplash. There are high quality natural scenery, people and city pictures. 

DepositPhotos - is a paid image library. It's cheaper than Shutterstock and it has many high quality specialized pictures to choose from. If you can't find your desired images from Unsplash and Pexels and want to save yourself time, this is your best option