How to get Shopify on Google Shopping

If your Shopify store is not found on Google, then it doesn't exist.

Getting your online store listed on the number one search engine can be a pain and you've to jump through many hoops.

Below are my top videos with screenshots to guide you along.

Where do Google free listings show? Why Shopify store owners should care?

🤔 Where do Google free product listings show? And why as a Shopify store owner should you care about it?

Google free listing is meant for e-commerce store owners, online stores that sell actual products online.

You want to be on this free listing provided by Google, mainly because thousands and millions of people go on Google search every day to do shopping-related searches.

If you aren't sure how your products will show up on Google, watch my latest video where I show you screenshots of how your products would look like if you sign up to be on the Google free listing program.

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Is Google enhanced listings free for my Shopify store? What are the requirements?

Are Google enhanced listings free for your #Shopify store? What are the requirements to get approved so products show up on Google Shopping?

💪 If you're a Shopify store owner, you have to be in the Google enhanced listings program. This means that your products will be found on the Google Shopping tab.

And you want to be found there because, in 2020, 2 billion people bought services and products online using Google!

Previously, you have to pay to get on Google Shopping tab but since last year, Google has made it free for any retailers to list their products for free on the shopping tab, because they know that online buyers or browsers, instead of going into physical stores, they're spending more time online researching beforehand. So they want to be the number one location where people would go if they are researching their products.

Learn what you need to set up to get your Shopify products listed on free enhanced listings and the required product information to send over to Google Merchant Center.

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3 reasons why your Google Merchant account is suspended (+ how to fix it!) for your Shopify Store

Setting up a Google Merchant Center Account is one of the first steps to get your products listed on Google Shopping and Google Search.

In this video, I dive into 3 reasons why your Google Merchant account could be suspended by Google and how you can fix those issues easily to get your Shopify or Woocommerce products listed.

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Shopify store owners: How to get listed on Google Shopping for free in 2021?

This is a great opportunity for online store owners to get your products found on Google - search, image search and Shopping tab - all for free!

Without having to run Google ads, you can easily set this up by installing a Googe app on your Shopify store, and setting up a Merchant center account plus a Google Ad account.

In this video, I outline how you can do it - plus descriptive screenshots where you can follow along more easily.

As this is a relatively new feature, I believe this is probably the only video on the internet that gives you the most guidance on getting your products listed for free.

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How to find my Google Product Category? How to add it in Shopify for Google Shopping?

What is the Google product category?

Why should you care if you have a Shopify or Woocommerce store?

Also, learn how to find your Google Product category, how to select the most accurate category for each of your products and how to add this piece of information in Shopify so your products can show up accurately on Google Shopping.

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Google Shopping: How to set up missing Shopify (free) shipping in Merchant Center

Question for Shopify store owners, how do you add free shipping to your Google Merchant Center accounts?

Filling in the correct shipping information is a core component to getting your account approved by Google so you want to make sure you've in place.

In this video, I explain how to complete your shipping profile and the key terminology ( turnaround, order cutoff time, transit time, handling time and shipping cost) used to complete your shipping profile.

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Fix Google Merchant Shopify error: Limited performance due to missing identifiers

⚠️ Google Merchant Center error message: limited performance due to missing identifiers MPN, GTIN, brand.

If your product suppliers come from one or multiple manufacturers or retailers, you will be provided with either MPN or GTIN numbers and you'd have to submit those numbers in Merchant Center to verify that your products are legit. What if you manufacture your own products? And you don't have any of those numbers?

Then you will have to make a little tweak in Merchant Center feed rules to resolve the issue.

In the video, I explain what this is all about and included a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the changes so you can resolve the missing unique identifier issue and get your account approved.

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Shopify Google Merchant Error: Fix Excessive Capitalization Product Issue

If you have a Shopify store, and you're setting up on Google Merchant Center, and you have found an excessive capitalization error issue, what can you do?

I explain why your products are disapproved by Google, where you can see this issue, how you can diagnose it, and how you can fix it on your Shopify store so you can get your products up on Google Shopping free listings as soon as possible.

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Shopify fix for Google Merchant Center: Missing Value Gender, Size, Color, Age Group

Encountered the Google Merchant Center error - disapproved products missing value, color, size, age group, and gender?

Learn what's causing these issues, and follow along to fix those issues on your Shopify store to fulfill the eligibility requirements of free enhanced listings so your products are approved as soon as possible to appear on the Google Shopping tab.

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