Work With Me

I love working with businesses to put the marketing pieces together.

Marketing is not just writing blog posts or having a website. It's more than that. Each of them individually by itself doesn't work.

Great marketing involves putting together a system that works to get a healthy flow of customers.

I work with small and medium-sized businesses who 

  • are not sure where to focus their marketing budget on
  • have problems with getting their marketing to work
  • have problems getting Google traffic
  • are not getting found online
  • needs a marketing plan
  • want to grow their email list
  • want to make social media work for them

I'm committed and determined to make marketing work for your business.


Rebranding & breaking out from the old business model with Sara Peternell Family Nutrition Services

My Unique Approach

A good effective content marketing strategy can be a huge investment of time and money. Many times you might wonder how do you know if it's working?

Or how do you know when a strategy is not performing as expected?

This is where I come in.

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I combine both my marketing and analytics expertise to craft marketing plans that focuses on getting the best results for your business.

I advocate setting of clear marketing objectives and a transparent tracking plan to regularly monitor and review marketing progress.

My goal for each of my clients: high quality leads, increased revenue and reduced cost.

If your business goals happen to coincide with mine, head on to the next step.

Your Next Step

No two clients or businesses are the same.

I don’t go into a cookie-cutter industry folder and pull out a templated approach.

Instead, I listen to your objectives, and map out a custom solution that is going to help you do business better and return your time back for you to focus on your business.

If you are not seeing results from your marketing efforts and don't know what to do next, check out my packages below.

My Signature Programs

These are my most signature programs for those who need marketing expertise to turn your business around and start attracting high quality prospects to your doorstep.

Content Strategy
free consult

Get Your Products Listed On Google Shopping Tab

For Shopify, Woocommerce or Bigcommerce store owners who want your products to be listed on Google Search and Google Shopping tab, this is your one-stop solution.

YouTube Channel Success 1-2-1 Workshop

For the busy business owner who wants to grow a YouTube channel from zero to 1000 subscribers and generate high-quality leads for your business.

LinkedIn Ads

Run targeted ads on the #1 B2B social media platform

Instagram Ads

Use Instagram ads to drive traffic, leads, and sales for your business

Facebook Ads

Run stress-free Facebook ads at minimal cost

Clarity Call

Let's hop onto a call to discuss if this is the best program suited for you.

Content Planning Success 1-2-1 Workshop

For the busy business owner who wants to turn your blog into a lead-generating machine: Get your 12-month content plan for 2022/2023.

Get More Clients

You've been running your business for many years but competition is getting stronger. You are looking for a new marketing plan and specific recommendations to get a steady flow of customers and get your business back on track.

Level Up Your Business

Your business has been going well and you want to take it to the next level. You need marketing help to grow your business while you focus on your clients.

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Are Linkedin Post Views Simply a Vanity Metric?

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