Get on YouTube Page One - Video Strategy

For the busy business owner who wants to grow a YouTube channel and turn it into a lead-generating machine.

This mentorship program will give you the guidance and outline of steps to take that will help you grow a YouTube channel from scratch and establish your CHANNEL as the #1 YouTube resource for your potential customers

Phase 1: Building the foundation with a science-based approach – Week 1 to 6 *

1. Outline and craft a YouTube content strategy with research tools that aligns with the overall goals
a. Define the channel’s main themes
b. Identifying 50 video topic ideas
c. Focus on a niche to a broad strategy
2. Set up a YouTube content calendar and create a streamlined process that includes
a. Publishing strategy of 2 videos per week
b. Video creation to upload on YouTube
i. Includes recommended tactics for video intro and outro to maximize audience retention and get them to keep coming back for more.
c. Video optimization to maximize the chance of getting found on Google and YouTube
d. Video promotion schedule to maximize potential reach
3. Review and optimize the 10 existing videos + current trailer video to align with the channel growth strategy
a. If needed, to plan for the recording of a new trailer video

*Video editing and thumbnail creation are not included

Phase 2: Ongoing Support (Optional)

1. Content research for 8 videos per month.
2. Review and optimization of 8 videos per month.
3. Monthly accountability and strategy call

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