Want to lead your own profitable and awesome business?

I’m Clarice Lin, Marketing Strategist, Growth Marketer and founder of BaselineLabs.

I work with clients to leverage LinkedIn and growth marketing strategies to build a loyal following and convert them into paying customers.

All marketing strategies are 100% customized for each business to quickly grow and expand their profits with a data-driven marketing approach.

Relying on your gut feel is not enough.

The Secret of Success

Have you ever asked yourself how companies such as Microsoft and Apple continue to dominate the market?

What is their secret?

They spend significant resources in obtaining the most current and accurate knowledge about the market and their own business to make the best possible fact-based business decisions.

Corporations have their own business intelligence departments, filled with the best and brightest business and data analysts. They track, measure and analyse every aspect of their business, and condense those insights in monthly, weekly and daily reports.


Transform Your Goal Into Actionable Steps

I help you get clarity on your short term goal and long term vision.

"If you can’t articulate and measure your goal, you can’t achieve it."

I translate your goals into actionable milestones and steps - a customised marketing plan to get your business in front of ideal clients. We identify key milestones and what's essential to get you to your vision for your business.

Contact me if you want a data-driven approach to get your ideal customers using LinkedIn and online channels.