Want to lead your own profitable and awesome business?

I’m Clarice Lin, a growth marketer and business mentor. I co-founded BaselineLabs and just recently created an action-oriented community: Action & Purpose.

I work with entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve long lasting profitability in their business.

The Secret of Success

Have you ever asked yourself how companies such as Microsoft and Apple continue to dominate the market?

What is their secret?

They spend signification resources in obtaining the most current and accurate knowledge about the market and their own business to make the best possible fact-based business decisions.


Corporations have their own business intelligence departments, filled with the best and brightest business and data analysts. They track, measure and analyse every aspect of their business, and condense those insights in monthly, weekly and daily reports.

The Power of Knowledge

Almost every business expert is teaching a simple equation, more customers is equal to more income. But is it true?

In reality, it’s not about the number of customers, it’s about having the most up-to-date and accurate information about your business and everything that is going on in your market.

Understanding this will help you to move your business from survival mode to profitability.

Relying on your gut feel is not enough.

Are you tired of wondering why you are spending so much time on getting new customers but aren't seeing any results in terms of revenue at the end of the month?

The digital world is moving faster and faster every day.

Having the best possible and most accurate information into your hand is just the start.

To survive you also have to understand the best possible action to take in any possible situation.

Ideally this should be done on a daily basis and not just once per month, or one per year.

The more you learn, the more you earn

For an entire decade, I’ve worked at big corporation, teaching them how to get more accurate and up-to-date information and knowledge to make better business decisions.

The results? The companies were able to create and execute better plans. By identifying what was going well and what wasn’t, they were to adjust: Stopping those that were wasting time and money and increasing resources for those who helped the company thrive.

If you want to succeed in business, you have to get better and more accurate information.

That’s the reason why GPS was invented - to give us the necessary knowledge to quickly reach any destination.


I can help you to bring knowledge and information into your company and use it to transform your business from survival to thrive mode.

Are you ready to work with me to create your own profitable and awesome business?