I’m Clarice Lin, The ROI Doctor, Marketing Strategist who helps small businesses and online stores to get on Google and YouTube page one.

I am also the founder of BaselineLabs, a content analytics agency that works with businesses to implement data-driven content strategies to attract highly qualified customers and grow profits.

I've spoken at events and conferences in the U.S and in Europe about marketing and social media strategies.

This year, together with other European industry leaders, I'm also speaking at the Digital Marketing Conference 2021 and Digital4Europe 2021.

I've been named as one of the Top Social Media Influencers to follow by Planable, one of the leading enterprise social media tool.

I spoke at INBOUND 2019 in September, one of the biggest marketing conferences in that world that attracted over 26,000 attendees.

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Rebranding & breaking out from the old business model with Sara Peternell Family Nutrition Services

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Does this sound like you?

Maybe you want to generate high-quality leads through blogging...

Or perhaps you want to grow a YouTube channel to fill up your pipeline with hot leads.

Or you are looking for help to get your Shopify, Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce store found on Google?

Or you need a hand with running paid advertising campaigns and leaving the marketing to the expert?

If it does, let's have a chat.


The right marketing plan for you

I create the right marketing plan for you, and help you to get certainty and clarity on your business goals and long term vision.

"If you can’t articulate and measure your goal, you can’t achieve it."

We take your goals and translate them into simple and actionable milestones to get your business in front of your ideal clients, steps by step.

Together we set up the groundwork to long-term, sustainable growth and success and explore hidden opportunities and quick wins for your profit and cashflow.

Right marketing means

● More and more people find your product

● Your customers have confidence in your brand

● Creating meaningful interactions with your audience

● Presenting the opportunity to be found at the exact moment when the buyer is ready to buy

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Group trainings and workshops

I offer group and in-house workshops for busineses who want to increase their sales and scale their business to the next level.

Here are some of my signature trainings.

  • How to turbo boost your content marketing strategy
  • How to get website to rank on page 1 of Google
  • How to generate qualified leads with content marketing
  • How to find hidden potentials for growth and additional profits with website analytics

For a completely bespoke training or workshop for your business, please contact me.

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